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35 years-experience in commercial litigation and insolvency litigation

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David Purcell

David Purcell

Director and Legal Counsel

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John Trudgian

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Litigation Funding Made Simple Since 1999

Please call David Purcell on 0403 382 072 or contact us by email at purcell@litigationfundingsolutions.com.au to discuss the attributes of any legal action you want to pursue but do not have the sufficient funds to cover the legal costs required to investigate whether the claim can be prosecuted.

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35 years-experience in commercial litigation and insolvency litigation.


Expertise and legal knowledge of litigation funding suitability with proven ability to quickly assess a claim’s eligibility for litigation funding

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Not only do we organise funding litigation, we provide assistance with the overall strategy and management of funded claims with the goal to maximize the outcome of each legal claim.

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