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Litigation Funding Made Simple


Frank and Fast Assessments

We offer a frank and fast assessment whether or not your commercial recovery case is likely to receive funding support.

Experience and Connections

We represent large and smaller litigation funders based in Australia and overseas. Our role is to identify claims that are suitable for funding. We have extensive experience, particularly in the insolvency industry.

Be Ahead of the Pack

Litigation funding in Australia is an established strategy to enable legal claims to proceed via litigation when a claimant does not have the means to cover costs or wishes to preserve capital.

Maximise Your Outcomes

Not only do we organise funding litigation, we provide assistance with the overall strategy and management of funded claims with the goal to maximize the outcome of each legal claim.

Litigation Court Hammer


Litigation Funding Solutions (LFS) was established in 2012 as an originator or broker of litigation funding for commercial recovery claims, particularly in the insolvency industry. LFS represents large and smaller litigation funders based in Australia and overseas. Our role is to identify suitable claims in need of funding involving claim sizes from $500,000 to $500 million or more.

Knowing all of the requirements of our client funders we can make the process of securing funding efficient and understandable. Importantly, we are only paid for our services by the funders we represent. Therefore, if we don’t think we can secure claim funding we advise quickly, because it doesn’t make sense to waste the time of a hopeful claimant, and frankly also our own time.

In our business dealings we strive to be user friendly, and we respond quickly to claim applications with a minimum of fuss. We do not require extensive claim preparation to review claims. Our preference is to assess clams at the earliest stages before heavy claim costs are incurred.

Outside of insolvency recovery claims LFS has arranged litigation funding for class actions, commercial recoveries, fraud recoveries and patent infringements. Indeed, all recovery claims with realistic prospects of success are proper candidates for litigation funding.

Our Principal

David Purcell Headshot

David Purcell

Executive Director

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David Purcell
Founding Director & Special Counsel

  • 35 years-experience in commercial litigation and insolvency litigation

  • Expertise and legal knowledge of litigation funding suitability

  • Proven ability to quickly assess a claim’s eligibility for litigation funding

  • Background of 18 years involvement in litigation funding

Please reach out to our team by calling +61 448 433 393 or via email at to discuss the attributes of any legal action you want to pursue but do not have the sufficient funds to cover the legal costs required to investigate whether the claim can be prosecuted.


Litigation Funding Solutions is looking for additional Australian sophisticated and/or wholesale investors to participate in claim investment to increase our available pool of funders and increase the number of cases that we can organise funding for. We welcome contact from potential investors.

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