What Do We Do ?

Step # 1
Initial Review of the Case

Please contact us through the contact page of this web-site or by telephone. Our aim is to review the material you submit and revert to you within 3 business days. If appropriate we will arrange a meeting with you. We may also request that you provide additional information to explain and assist us to evaluate your claim.

Step # 2

Our preferred approach is to arrange a face to face meeting with a claimant to ask questions to familiarise ourselves with the history of your claim. At the meeting, which may be conducted by teleconference depending on your and our location and availability, we will summarise how we see your claim and give you our assessment about whether or not litigation funding can be arranged. If applicable, we will also make recommendations on the action you are running. For example, we may suggest that you narrow or broaden the action or suggest that you provide us with further information on a particular aspect of the case.

Step # 3
Arrange Funding

Assuming that we believe that your case has merit and is likely to be attractive to a litigation funder we will make contact with a litigation funder who we know to provide funding to cases that are of the same size and nature of your claim. We will assist the litigation funder to understand your case to shorten the time and effort the funder needs to commit to assess the case.

Step # 4
Assist in Managing Case

While we are not a law firm that will run your litigation, we will provide assistance where necessary and act as intermediary between you, your legal team and the litigation funder. The extent of our involvement will depend on each case