About Us

We have over 50 years of experience in commercial insolvency litigation, tax litigation, financing, debt recovery and accounting & advisory services. Our founder, David Purcell, established Litigation Funding Solutions after 15 years’ involvement in the litigation funding industry.

We have arranged funding for a number of litigation actions and have secured significant results.

Litigation Funding Solutions is supported by corporate and high net worth individual investors who have financial capacity (in the millions of dollars) to invest in litigation funding.

Some of our investors have successfully funded cases and have reinvested their accumulated profits in new cases.

Funding is available for the right cases.

The right cases are commercial cases where a claimant has a claim to recover damages or compensation. Many of the claims we provide funding for involve liquidators or bankruptcy trustees who are looking to pursue:

• Claims on behalf of collapsed companies or bankrupted individuals,
• Insolvency claims to recover unfair preference payments, or
• Recovery from insolvent trading or uncommercial transactions.

We do not provide funding for family law disputes, personal injury claims or defamation claims.

In general, the size of your claim will need to exceed one million dollars to attract a litigation funder to provide funding.

New Investors

Litigation Funding Solutions is looking for additional investors to participate in cases to increase our available pool of funders and increase the number of cases that we can organize funding for. We welcome contact from potential investors.


David Purcell

Founding Director

  • 35 years’ experience in commercial litigation and insolvency litigation
  • Expertise and legal knowledge.
  • Proven ability to quickly assess a case’s prospects and eligibility for litigation funding.
  • Background of 15 years involvement in litigation funding.

Douglas Whelan

Executive Director

  • Financier and investor with 20 years’ experience
  • Chartered Accountant.
  • Chartered Tax Adviser.
  • Experienced in debt recovery.
  • Experience in risk management and recovery group of a “Big 4” Australian Bank